The Fresh Air Fund + a freebie to snatch!!

I grew up in the country. No scratch that, I grew up in Alaska where there are two cities and tons of towns and nothing but country. Everywhere. Fresh air to me, is like water. Its everywhere, an abudence of it. No shortage. We have to cool crisp and clean mountain air and growing up i thought everywhere was like that.

I took a vaccation when i was probably about thirteen. I remember being in the city and everything was so foggy looking. I remember it having to be explained about smog, and pollution. Things that we dont have here, things that we dont see. It was just.. so strange to me to see it. Why would it be foggy on a day when there were no clouds in the sky, when it was 75 degrees out, at 10 am. I guess talk about a country girl huh.

So recently i was turned on to this awesome program called the Fresh Air fund. Its a program for kids from New York City to go spend 2 weeks in the country. Much like a summer camp or student exchange program all rolled into one. Children ages 6 to 18 can be enrolled and go to stay with a host family in areas such as Virginia and Maine. In total 13 states and Canada to enjoy fresh clean air. Can you believe they have a wonderful program like this. For inner city kids who dont always have the best of opportunities, to be able to go out and do the things that i take for granted every summer, fishing, hiking, camping, even swimming in a lake.

So what can you do. Well if you live in the north eastern states you can volunteer to be a host family. Give a home for 2 weeks to a child and show then some things that they might not get a chance to see otherwise. Too much for you, i understand, im busy too, ( and i live in Alaska, which while north, is most deffinantly NOT east!) You can also choose to dontate to their fund, to help sponsor those children.

A bit about the Fresh Air Fund itself. Its a non profit orginazation. Which we all love. And has given opportunities to more then 1.7 MILLION children from low income families in New York City. That is so many children. They estimate about 10,000 children enter their program a year. Out of those, about 5,00 go to host families across the 13 Eastern States and Canada. They also have 5 fresh air summer camps in New York which serve about 2,000 children and teens every year.

So what are you waiting for? Check out their massive website and get all the information you need!

If you choose to donate in anway, feel free to snag my I care banner to post. AND if you let me know. I would be happy to personalize it for you in ANY way. Just drop me an email at and i will be glad to help!


Compleatly snagable!


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