Facewash check in! Starting Month three

Ok so ive now been using my at home made facewash. Made with doTerra essential oils and a mixture of coconut oil and jojoba oil.

I gotta say. Its fantastic! I occasionally have a break out, but it goes away within 2-3 days instead of a week or two. My skin is so much clearer and cleaner. Im amazed every night when i wash my face and see how much dirt i pull off!  Most of my breakouts are hormonal so i do have a couple break outs here and there around that time, but my skin overall looks fantastic.

And as another bonus, I dyed my hair and spilled some on my skin. I always do… However i washed it the next day with my face wash and it pulled all the dye off my skin. So i didnt have to walk around with a red spot on my cheek!

So yeah, of all the OTC meds ive tried, perscription and otherwise. My home made oil based facewash with doTerra essential oils is the winner!




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