Face wash one week check in

Well it works! It actually surprises me how much oil i pull off my face. Well not oil persey, But how much DIRT comes off my face.

I ended up adding in jojoba oil a couple days ago. It thinned the coconut oil so that the face wash is constantly liquid. I did alot of reading that jojoba oil is awesome for the skin and is the closest oil to the kind your skin produces so it is great to combat it.

Anyway it works. I cant say im NOT breaking out. Because i am, Quite a bit. But for one, the pimples are TINY now, And they go away super fast, as long as i dont pop them. Like by morning.

I also found that the jojoba oil dosent really SINK into your skin the way the coconut oil does. So i put it on before bed, when i can pull my bangs off my forehead and let the oil really sink in. Otherwise its holy shiny batman!

BUT the key thing is, so far, i like it! Im going to give it some more time too, see how it goes!


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