Cute toddler mittens

Toddler mittens
With k (6.5mm hook) and worsted weight yarn I used Red Heart With Love for a soft and slightly chunky mitten.
Row 1 Ch7 Turn in second chain from hook, sc across
Row 2-16 in back loops only SC across, ch1 turn. ( 6)
Join with a slip stitch and slip stitch your cuff closed.
Row 1 Ch1, sc around outside edge ( 16)
Row 2- 4 ch1 sc around (16)
Row 5, ch1, sc 2 in chain splace, sc around to last stitch, 2 sc in last stitch (18)

Row 6, ch1, sc in chain space, ch2, skip next 6 stitches, sc rest of round ( 12 sc, 2 chain )
Rest of Mitten
Row 7 ch1, sc in first sc, sc 4 in chain space, sc rest of row ( 16 sc)
Row 8-17, ch1 sc around (16)
Do not pull tight when you join. Instead cut a long tie and weave in and out of each stitch around the row. Put needle through slip stitch and pull tight. This will close your mitten.
Tie closed and weave in ends.

Row 1 Insert hook in thumb hole. Ch1, SC around thumb Join. ( 11 stitches)
Row 2-7 Ch1, sc around

Mitten two.
follow directions till row 6 of the thumb hole.
Row 6. Ch1, sc in chain space and in next 10 stitches, ch2, skip next 6 stitches, sc last stitch ( 12 sc 2 chain)
Row 7, ch1, sc around and sc 4 in ch space. (16)
Row 8- 17 ch1, sc around and join ( 16)

For striped mittens, alternate colors every row.


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