Make your own : Face Wash.

I really wanted to try to make some face wash with my oils. So i did my thing. I googled and googled and googled.

I have an Oily T zone, if you know your face. its my forehead, nose and chin are super oily and the rest is pretty dry. So i break out. Bad. Regardless of what i do. I occasionally break out on my cheeks too, but not as often.

Really i know that breakouts have to do with unbalanced hormones and oily skin is often caused by overwashing your skin. For years i didnt wash it at all, Then with only water, Then with all sorts of chemical/commercial products. It didnt HELP! So im trying something new. This is day ONE!

Most websites called for castor oil. Which i dont have. So i went with that i did. Organic coconut oil. ( its my new bestie)  I picked up this cheap squeeze bottle from walmart. I filled it 2/3rds the way full with coconut oil, I pre-melted it so it went in easier. Then i added 2-3 drops each of Lavender, Peppermint, Meleluca and one drop of rosemary. Closed it up, shook it and then put a few drops on a cottonball and wiped my face down. I had prewashed my face with water earlier and i was amazed at how much crap came off!

In one of my doTerra groups, I saw several times popping up, Melaluca for breaking out and Lavender for soothing the skin, I decided to add Peppermint ( wakes you up) and Lemon after seeing on a few blogs that it helps clean your skin. Prety much this is my newest trial and error thing. I want to know how its going to react. After washing once, my skin feels soft, NOT oily.

Here is a list of essential oils from THIS BLOG.

  • Lavender (acne, oily, or even dry skin – lavender is healing, but a little, tiny bit goes a long way)
  • Peppermint (like lavender, peppermint is great for oily and acneic skin, and like lavender don’t use much! It’s very astringent, but it might also tingle your skin right off its bones)
  • Chamomile (my favorite chamomile is Roman – and roman chamomile is wonderfully healing and soothing, so it’s great for ALL skin types. Really. Very, very great, but also very expensive)
  • Rose (wonderful for aging, dry and normal skin, it’s also pretty expensive, unless you find the “mixed with jojoba” kind, which just means it’s diluted and you can use more in your blend than if it were “neat”)
  • Rose geranium (another great, all-around healing essential oil – this is especially good for dry, sensitive, aging, and normal skin)
  • Palmarosa (my skin loooves this oil, and it’s great for any skin type, but it does seem to work well for breakouts, in addition to being softening and soothing for aging skin, which, yes, I have)
  • Lemongrass (brightening and toning, this is a great oil for normal, oily, or acneic skin)
  • Rosemary (got acne and oily skin? You might just want this)


Oil Cleansing Method.

Camp Wanderer-  face wash


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