Sweet pea flower

Im making a very neat prop right now in the form of a pea pod cocoon. Its going to be a surprise in the end BUT i wanted to put a wee little flower on it. Ive grown sugar snap peas for years so i know how the pod grows out of the flower. They dont really grow at the same time. But really. For a girl. You need a flower hehe.


My pea pod flower is super easy! Worked in two parts.

I used scrap worsted weight yarn in cream and pink  and a K hook.

You will ch1 and turn after each row.

Yarn A will be your large petal ( cream)

Yarn B. will be your small petals ( pink)


Create a magic circle with yarn A.

Hdc 8 in circle. Do not pull tight. Ch1 turn.

Row 2- hdc across ( 8)

Row 3. Hdc 2 together. Hdc 4, hdc 2 together ( 6)

Row 4. Hdc 2 together, hdc 2, hdc 2 together ( 4)

Row 5. Hdc 2 together, hdc 2 together ( 2)

Tie off.

Reattach yarn to the magic circle. Leave a 4 inch long tail.

Rept first petal.

You will have two petals opposite one another.

Close magic circle and use your long tail to lace your two petals half way up ONE side only. This will draw them together.

With color B.

Create a magic circle.

Ch2 hdc 4.

Hdc 4.

hdc 2 together twice. (2)

Cut ties, retattach yarn

rept the first petal again.


Using your long tie. Sew your two smaller petals in color be facing down to the center of petal A. Looking at photos of sweet pea flowers. the center petal points down while the two larger petals on the sides furl in and out cupping it. I took photos of my flower with several i found on google image search as i tried to make them similar.

Here it is attached to the pod. It is dissproportionate but its ok as its an accent.

897684_10151887757249899_891468736_o 907305_10151887757579899_415035391_n 909045_10151887756749899_1308267710_n 909396_10151887757879899_1596053248_n 912311_10151887757734899_1300124940_n


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