About Me

My name is Lina, im mother to FOUR little boys. Brennan ( 7) Conner (4) Chase (2) and Logan ( 6-16-11 ) My family and I are longtime residents of Alaska. Ive lived here for more then 24 years and my husband has lived here for 18 years. We live in a small city with a small town vibe to it. And we like it!   My passion is photography. I live and breathe to take photos. Its in my blood, in my fingers, in my mind. I see things and think, what an amazing photo. I think in terms of photos. And that is reflected here My other job is crafting! I am yarn obsessed and it shows! Projects galore and my shop is never slow! Always something new and exciting to see going on in there!

And yeah, thats who i am, all that and more.

Life is what we make of it. Living day in and day out, the places we visit, the things we do.  When all is said and done, what have you done that will cause you to be remembered? Is it the words you leave behind, the children you raised, the places you discovered, the people you touched, the lives you changed.

Strive every day, to be the person you want to be.

So remember me, for who i am. For who i will be, for who i have been. I promise, it will be an unforgetable ride.

~Lina ( AKA ME!!!)


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi… my name arie, live in Jakarta, Indonesia, my passion is writing. would you visit my blog & read mine….
    how’s your two little boys? it’s wonderfull to have boys, isn’t it?

  2. I did visit your blog and I was looking at your layouts…they are really nice..which is what one looks for in a creative team. I have been designing Scrapbook kits professionally for about a month now and I have 3 stores carrying my designs. What I need is a Creative Team to make layouts with my designs..help me promote my stuff by posting about my work, sales or new items on your blog and posting your layouts in galleries. It is not a requirement but a bonus if you can make quick pages and bragbook pages to offer as freebies on our blogs. What you will get for all your trouble is all my kits for free. I have been producing 1-2 a week. Because I am fairly new and not a lot of traffic yet to my blog, finding a creative team is like pulling teeth! lol. So, when I saw your blog and the layouts you did…I said to myself..I like her style! I bet she could do some neat things with my kits! so…I left you the message.

    I need 2-3 ladies for this…as I am swamped with designing, uploading…store challenges, store collaborations…I hardly have time to promote myself…and that is what a creative team is for. Oh…and to give helpful critiques! Must give advice on what a kit could use…if something isn’t working with the kit (why is it in here) lol. Stuff like that.

    You can email me here…(close the gaps, replace the at and dot) Jowa1020 at aol dot com
    if you are interested….:o)

  3. I can’t keep tabs on you. New name, new blog. I need to check in daily just stay on top of you! I am glad you are doing well. I love the new blog. Keep visiting. I am still waiting for you to come to CA to take pictures of my kids! Let me know when you are tired of the cold. 🙂

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