Hooked On doTerra

A bit over a month ago, i was really introduced to doTerra. Long story short, i have terrible migraines and i got something from it that helped. Not perfect, but much better then taking medication including my prescription drugs.

I was given a sample of past tense and peppermint, They really didnt help me though.

I was later given a sample of frankincense and instructed to put one drop in the roof of my mouth. And wouldn’t you know it, it worked! It didn’t get rid of the entire migraine, but it helped it scale back.

Recently i had the start of a bad migraine and was given a drop of the oil DDR Prime, i rubbed it on my temples and the migraine really was TOTALLY gone at that point.  Ive learned so many amazing things about DDR Prime, but I’m totally getting ahead of myself.

Back to the start! I signed up with doTerra and got some amazing information. There are some websites which were great, Groups on facebook, oh so many groups! Friends who are interested. I got the book Modern Essentials and it has been an amazing resource to read and re read.

I’m a bit of a hippie, which is great. I love doing things that don’t involve medication which i know has so many side effects. I like things that work. I love things that have MANY uses.  I like versatile and i love making things myself.  I think its fun, and you have a sense of accomplishment when you do. So really Essential Oils are right up my ally.

In my first few weeks i was sold. I started putting lavender on the bottoms of my 2 year old son’s feet and he started sleeping through the nigh. He was waking up 5-6 times a night prior. I started using my frankinsence on my migraines, we had a chemical burn in the house and i used lavender and frankinsense to treat it. He had no lasting burn marks, it was gone by morning. We soothed bug bites, yeasty diaper rash. Battled congestion and colds with Breathe. And so much more.

I went to classes and did a make and take for some bathroom items, learned how to make more products myself. Just totally exciting.  You may have to forgive my excitement, or not, but i plan on writing more about the things im learning and here soon, i plan on making more items and writing about them!



Sweet pea flower

Im making a very neat prop right now in the form of a pea pod cocoon. Its going to be a surprise in the end BUT i wanted to put a wee little flower on it. Ive grown sugar snap peas for years so i know how the pod grows out of the flower. They dont really grow at the same time. But really. For a girl. You need a flower hehe.


My pea pod flower is super easy! Worked in two parts.

I used scrap worsted weight yarn in cream and pink  and a K hook.

You will ch1 and turn after each row.

Yarn A will be your large petal ( cream)

Yarn B. will be your small petals ( pink)


Create a magic circle with yarn A.

Hdc 8 in circle. Do not pull tight. Ch1 turn.

Row 2- hdc across ( 8)

Row 3. Hdc 2 together. Hdc 4, hdc 2 together ( 6)

Row 4. Hdc 2 together, hdc 2, hdc 2 together ( 4)

Row 5. Hdc 2 together, hdc 2 together ( 2)

Tie off.

Reattach yarn to the magic circle. Leave a 4 inch long tail.

Rept first petal.

You will have two petals opposite one another.

Close magic circle and use your long tail to lace your two petals half way up ONE side only. This will draw them together.

With color B.

Create a magic circle.

Ch2 hdc 4.

Hdc 4.

hdc 2 together twice. (2)

Cut ties, retattach yarn

rept the first petal again.


Using your long tie. Sew your two smaller petals in color be facing down to the center of petal A. Looking at photos of sweet pea flowers. the center petal points down while the two larger petals on the sides furl in and out cupping it. I took photos of my flower with several i found on google image search as i tried to make them similar.

Here it is attached to the pod. It is dissproportionate but its ok as its an accent.

897684_10151887757249899_891468736_o 907305_10151887757579899_415035391_n 909045_10151887756749899_1308267710_n 909396_10151887757879899_1596053248_n 912311_10151887757734899_1300124940_n

The 8 hour diet, 3 month check in.

Well its working. When i dont cheat haha. I start doing really good and then do the typical. Give in to my cravings. But its not bad. Ive lost a total of 16 lbs. However this weekend was bad. I was in the store when cinnamon rolls smelled amazing and just like that. THe whole weeks worth of dieting is gone lol. Its ok though. Slow and steady keeps it off.

Ive made a few other changes. Ive stopped drinking crystal lite. Like dieting, i have ups and downs. I start craving the pomegranate cherry juice im used to drinking. But it was amazing. Instant headache! WIthin 2 hours. I suffer from cronic migraines so i have been working to figure out what triggers them and it sure seems like aspertame was making them worse. We have also started to drink ionized water. Its a special water filter. It makes the water a bit more bubbly. And it has no flavor. Our water at home has a nasty after taste that turns me off of it. So this is helping. I do still crave drinks with flavor. Hard. So i indulge in my 8 hour eating window. I think that in the long run its going to hinder the weight loss but do good for my health to not have the flavored drinks. Its a push and pull. figuring out what works.

Anyway i just wanted to do a quick check in. Im doing good on this diet. I occasionally get hungry right before my eating window but i try to hold out till noon at least. ( so i can have an after dinner snack to curb my munching) and i feel like im controling my food intake better.

Of course we have been waiting for spring to hit so we can start walking. And wouldent you know. The day after the roads were dry. The wind picked up. And the next day we got a foot of snow… With another foot expected in the next 2 days. My plans for walking are on hold lol. Oh well. It will come eventually. Till then its wander through the stores 🙂


The world is epic

The world is epic, and huge and more then we all know.

My awesome husband had the idea to go lights chasing after i started seeing posts flooding my facebook feed from the  Aurora chasers page. we decided at 11 30 to pack up our two littlest kids and go out hunting. We had to stop for  gas and drinks. when we got far enough north there was nothing. I saw so many  cars heading out and figured we missed it all. But decided to go up a ways and see if anything happened. At worst it would be a drive. A few lights popped out and we stopped. I figured i would take a few shots so it wasnt a wasted trip ( see the first few all green looking shots) Then the skies started to open.  The lights came faster and faster peaking over this one mountain peak. I set up watching it excited. My kids were snug in their carseats and my husband kept me company while i shot away. At one point i looked up and realized a coronal aurora was forming over my  head. I spun my camera on the tripod straight up and snapped away as it twisted and turned forming a flower and a spiral. They were so close i felt as though i could touch them. I lay on my back in the ice and snow, 6 degrees, in the mountains, not feeling the cold till they calmed. Always taking photos.  When the storm calmed we headed home. come to find out that it ebbed and flowed for hours after we left. But by the time it was calming and i left i was shivering uncontrollably and it took hours to warm up. Im still chilled lol.

Let me tell you though…. It was the most amazing shows ive ever seen. Suddenly you feel very small watching this epic show around you.

Just amazing.

Giveaway time!!

I love giveaways!

I like to do them whenever i have time! And right now. I have time!!
Due to wordpresses limitations you have to follow the link to enter the giveaway. Lame i know. But i dont use my blog enough to host it. I should i realize this. Because my shop is awesome, and i scrap and i love to share my kidles. BUT lame i know. Im busy hehe.
Anyway follow the magic link! Enter the giveaway win a prize of your choice!



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The ” 8 hour diet” 1 month check in.

Now i wont say that i didnt cheat. Ohhhh lord i did.

But after a month. Ive lost 12 lbs. Thats right, 12 lbs. AND the amazing thing, i didnt loose any weight for two weeks, BUT i did, in the last two days get over my hump. The hump. The evil plateau of doom where you just sit, stagnant.

I realized a “trick” to this diet. Cheat days. Are. A. MUST. At least for me.

I found after 2-3 weeks, i wasnt getting hungry, like at all. I would realize it had been 18 or even 20 hours since i last ate and wasnt hungry. I was starting to feel sick after i did eat. and something fried. Oh heck no. I couldent even stand the taste of olive oil. I was a bit worried and decided that for a few days at least i was just going to eat. Actually i decided to quit. Why bother, i was stuck at the lost 10 lbs mark. I plateaued out and was getting irritable at the whole idea. I found myself only eating 600-800 calories a day and being stuffed and sick feeling. I was worried. That isnt a good  reaction to food.

So day one of my cheat days, i got up, i ate normally, had eggs and a banana. Ate ice cream after dinner. Did my normal 10 minutes of yoga and stretching ( oh yes, thats all i did ) And lo and behold. i lost half a lb. I also track my calories, i was up over 2k calories and lost weight?!?! Fluke right. So i ate free the next day. Lost a quarter lb. So i went back to tracking my calories but not as religiously. I went back to eating in my window. I stayed steady where i was. Then we bought ice cream again. And i had some. And i dropped yesterday, and dropped more today. Which offically puts me below my plateau.

Im still drinking soda, I try to stick with my soda stream but i do cave and get fountain pepsi’s sometimes.

I eat out occasionally. We eat out at arbys, i skip the bun but do eat some fries.

I enjoy my ice cream. I try to eat less then 2 cups at a time. Not making promises though.

I do still drink crystal lite. But less.

I eat 2-3 bananas a day.  One for breakfast, then more for snack later. I eat breakfast usually at 1 pm and have a couple scrambled eggs too.

Im not skimping. I was for a week or two and started having problems. When i started condensing the amount of time i had to eat down smaller, i started eating less food and feeling worse for it. Its a no no for me.

Bonus points. My pants are  getting loose. My rings are terribly loose, but i dont want to resize them till i can make sure its not going to just come back. I bought some new clothes online ( best way to shop in alaska!) and i dont know if they will fit me. BUT we will see. Good return policies are a must! AND my baby belly. You know, the effects of housing and birthing 4 children, yeah.That is shrinking. THAT is the only thing i care about really. Im ok with my weight, im ok with my pant size, i wasnt ok with my belly. And this is helping!

I should also note that i do take a ton of vitamins every day. Im not as hydrated as i should be but its ok. And i do drink the green tea. Caffeine helps in the AM. But i dont do it after 4 or i never sleep. Just like B vitamins never take em after 4. Sleeping is good!

😀 Anyway that is my 1 month diet update! Here is to the next 10 lbs! I hope to see at least half of that come off in the next month!

The ” 8 hour diet” expirement

My friend told me a bit about this diet she is following, The 8 hour diet. It sounded interesting. Eat what you normally do, but only for 8 hours a day. Then fast for the remaining 16 hours of the day.  It sounded pretty easy considering i normally eat within 12 hours a day lol. Ok so 8 isnt that far of a stretch right.

I googled it and found its called intermittent fasting. I read up a bunch about it on the internet. And eventually found another blog who wrote about it and her first week. She lost a couple of lbs. My friend said she lost 9. I figured what do i have to loose to try it. The diet idea is very specific, you eat what you normally do. Dont cut calories, eat normally in your 8 hours.  You can have all the black coffee, tea and calorie free drinks you want outside your 8 hours.

So week one.

Day one i ate out. I went to a restarant and seriously over ate. I enjoyed my soda, i had dessert. I tried tea.  I drank crystal lite overnight ( which has calories in it, i realized lol 30 calories for the bottle i drank)

I didnt loose any weight.

Day two, i ate out again, i had my soda, i made two meals as always. Didnt feel much like eating dinner but i did. I was hungry outside my window so i ended up eating late.

Didnt loose any weight.

Day three. Didnt eat out! Still had my soda, ate normally. I started finding myself not so hungry in my window. I would be hungry  before it, but once i drank my soda i wasnt hungry anymore. For most of the day. I had pudding that day.

I saw the scale drop a tiny bit.

Day three, Drank a REALLY big soda. ate normally. Still finding the same thing with meals. Not as hungry. Found a green tea that didnt taste crappy.  Im now drinking 1 cup of that in the am  to get a caffeine boost.

Saw the scale drop!

Day four through eight have been the same. I drink a normal sized fountain soda, yes alot of soda. I eat my two meals and a snack. Sometimes i have brownies or something late before my window closes. 1 Cup of tea in the morning and i work out. Not a big work out. Usually under 10 minutes.

I lost between 5 and 8 lbs. Depending on what you count as starting weight. It fluctuates about 3 lbs during the day and i weighed mself in the evening to start. But i figure i was closer to the smaller of the two numbers. So i started at 158-160 and ended up at 153 for the start of week one.

Not bad at all! I have at least 12 lbs to do. Im aiming at 130 to start. But wouldent mind seeing 120 again!

I should note that i also track my calories on spark people to make sure i eat enough. I also take vitamin suppliments. A daily multi-vitamin for woman, B-100, Immune system boost, and a calcium. I take those in the morning with my tea.

So in the books i read, they talk of several types of fasting. Mostly 24 hour fasts once or twice a week. And if you read about the helf benefits its really amazing. They reference how in the past, humans wouldent have been able to eat every 2-3 hours and would have survived off their fat stores for lack of a better term.  They also termed short fasts. and even some people did longer fasts ( up to 36 hours) Now me, i cant do that. I cant. I have to eat. I love food. I love good food. I cook all the time. I cook good, rich, calorie fat food. Tonight im making pot roast in beef gravy ( which is killer thick) roast potatoes and carrots. Yesterday i made triple chocolate brownies with fudge topping, and yes i ate one. I dont deprive myself of food. I cant. If i did, i would probably get depressed.  Some people said this is your body going into starvation mode, and i dont think so. Because i eat roughly 2 thousand calories per day. Sometimes more.  To starve yourself, you have to eat much less then that, if at all.

Anyway so the fasting i chose to do, was the short intermittent fasting. I eat for 8 hours a day. From noon to 8 or from 1 to 9 pm. I dont eat breakfast and never really have. Unless i sleep in till noon. THEN ill eat breakfast, after noon. 😉 We eat dinner between 6 and 7 30 every night. So this window makes it to where i can eat my dinner and have a dessert. Also seeing my kids go to bed before 9. This gives me that munchie time when they are in bed and I dont want to share.  I often go into this oh my gosh i need to eat NOW mentality around 11 pm. My body says eat eat eat. But im not hungry. I have no hunger pains at all. If i did, i would eat. I cant not eat when my stomach is growling. But the stomach growling has happened twice this entire week. Thats it. Twice.  When i get up, i have this almost like pressure in my stomach. Its not hunger pains. Its the pressure you get before hunger pains, but no hunger pains at all. I drink my tea and its gone. so i call those my thirst pains. Since cutting off my crystal lite tap at night, im not drinking much. I have a sip of water then i go back to sleep. ( I am not drinking waters best fan) Im no less thirsty, but the sip covers that, instead of guzzling artifical sweeteners ( of which again im not a fan) My cutbacks in drinking that however are leading me to borderline dehydration as im drinking 30 oz less of liquid a day. Im working to drinking more water, but its just so ick!  Ill get over it.

Anyway that is my first week. And alot of my thoughts on this. No i dont advocate starving yourself. But if you want to try it, i reccomend the books i read

NOT SPONSORED BY THIS BOOK! I bought these with my own money.

Intermittent fasting 

And Intermittent fasting for woman

However they also have a facebook group. 

And a webpage where you can pretty much get the same information that the books give. I reccomend starting online and getting the books if you dont have an idea of what to do. Again. 24 hour fasts? Not for me. So i do 8 hours of eating, and a 16 hour fast. I feel great, im not hungry, I was the first couple days which led to eating out of the window. but i feel good now. And the scale has gone down! My pants arent much looser, but its only 6 lbs, My rings however are looser, and my face looks slimmer! So here is to a great first week and lets see how next week goes too!