About Alaska

I have lived in Alaska for over 20 years now. 90% of my life has been spent moving from town to town in this state. I have lived in a good portion of the south central cities and towns as well as some along the coast line. I went to about 10 different schools before i graduated. I love to drive to different places around my area and photograph them with my family.

I love Alaska, its a beautiful almost wild place even in the towns. Its not unsual to see Moose in your yard and hear bears walking through the brush. ( mostly at my mother in laws though, never in the town though i know they are around) I see Eagles all the time, as well as hawks, swans, and other waterfowl. Its not uncommon to see a moose walking down the street or find them bedding down in your yard. It becomes part of life.

Alaska is still so beautiful with people who care about one another. If you are broek down on the side of the road, you will always have people stopping to see if they can help. Sop many people carry Jumper Cables in their car to give the batteries a boost in winter. We spend alot of our spare time pulling people out of ditches in winter. The people are open and friendly.

We also have a culture unlike any others. While im about as white as you can get, my mother married into a native family and i grew up with that as part of my life. I have a whole extended native family who goes to parties, dances, speak Eskimo, and eat strange things. My kids grow up knowing that culture as well.

Through reading my daily blogging you will get a feel for my life and who i am. You get a glimpse of the raw Alaskan beauty as only a true seasoned Alaskan can show it. I know that a game path leads to a hunting lodge, or a river leads to a waterfall. Something a tourist will never see. So sit back and enjoy your trip to Alaska. With a real Alaskan tour guide.





5 thoughts on “About Alaska

  1. Hi!
    I also live in Alaska, the Mat-Su area and have lived there for the last 7 years, this time. I lived here for 28 years before, we moved south for 25 years.
    We also love Alaska and Alaskans (well, most of them).
    Am glad I stumbled on your site.
    Would you be interested in helping me learn how to become a designer?

  2. Hi!
    My daughter lived in Anchorage for almost seven years and my husband and I were blessed to go visit her every year and stay for a couple of weeks each time. We love Alaska….love…love…love Alaska. It is the most beautiful place on earth. We made many friends while visiting. We hope to go back someday. Our most favorite place in all of the world is Seward!!

  3. All I can say is WOW!!! Beautiful countryside, i have a cousin who lives in Anchorage, although I’ve never gone to visit :)…maybe someday!!

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