Hooked On doTerra

A bit over a month ago, i was really introduced to doTerra. Long story short, i have terrible migraines and i got something from it that helped. Not perfect, but much better then taking medication including my prescription drugs.

I was given a sample of past tense and peppermint, They really didnt help me though.

I was later given a sample of frankincense and instructed to put one drop in the roof of my mouth. And wouldn’t you know it, it worked! It didn’t get rid of the entire migraine, but it helped it scale back.

Recently i had the start of a bad migraine and was given a drop of the oil DDR Prime, i rubbed it on my temples and the migraine really was TOTALLY gone at that point.  Ive learned so many amazing things about DDR Prime, but I’m totally getting ahead of myself.

Back to the start! I signed up with doTerra and got some amazing information. There are some websites which were great, Groups on facebook, oh so many groups! Friends who are interested. I got the book Modern Essentials and it has been an amazing resource to read and re read.

I’m a bit of a hippie, which is great. I love doing things that don’t involve medication which i know has so many side effects. I like things that work. I love things that have MANY uses.  I like versatile and i love making things myself.  I think its fun, and you have a sense of accomplishment when you do. So really Essential Oils are right up my ally.

In my first few weeks i was sold. I started putting lavender on the bottoms of my 2 year old son’s feet and he started sleeping through the nigh. He was waking up 5-6 times a night prior. I started using my frankinsence on my migraines, we had a chemical burn in the house and i used lavender and frankinsense to treat it. He had no lasting burn marks, it was gone by morning. We soothed bug bites, yeasty diaper rash. Battled congestion and colds with Breathe. And so much more.

I went to classes and did a make and take for some bathroom items, learned how to make more products myself. Just totally exciting.  You may have to forgive my excitement, or not, but i plan on writing more about the things im learning and here soon, i plan on making more items and writing about them!



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