The 8 hour diet, 3 month check in.

Well its working. When i dont cheat haha. I start doing really good and then do the typical. Give in to my cravings. But its not bad. Ive lost a total of 16 lbs. However this weekend was bad. I was in the store when cinnamon rolls smelled amazing and just like that. THe whole weeks worth of dieting is gone lol. Its ok though. Slow and steady keeps it off.

Ive made a few other changes. Ive stopped drinking crystal lite. Like dieting, i have ups and downs. I start craving the pomegranate cherry juice im used to drinking. But it was amazing. Instant headache! WIthin 2 hours. I suffer from cronic migraines so i have been working to figure out what triggers them and it sure seems like aspertame was making them worse. We have also started to drink ionized water. Its a special water filter. It makes the water a bit more bubbly. And it has no flavor. Our water at home has a nasty after taste that turns me off of it. So this is helping. I do still crave drinks with flavor. Hard. So i indulge in my 8 hour eating window. I think that in the long run its going to hinder the weight loss but do good for my health to not have the flavored drinks. Its a push and pull. figuring out what works.

Anyway i just wanted to do a quick check in. Im doing good on this diet. I occasionally get hungry right before my eating window but i try to hold out till noon at least. ( so i can have an after dinner snack to curb my munching) and i feel like im controling my food intake better.

Of course we have been waiting for spring to hit so we can start walking. And wouldent you know. The day after the roads were dry. The wind picked up. And the next day we got a foot of snow… With another foot expected in the next 2 days. My plans for walking are on hold lol. Oh well. It will come eventually. Till then its wander through the stores 🙂



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