The world is epic

The world is epic, and huge and more then we all know.

My awesome husband had the idea to go lights chasing after i started seeing posts flooding my facebook feed from the  Aurora chasers page. we decided at 11 30 to pack up our two littlest kids and go out hunting. We had to stop for  gas and drinks. when we got far enough north there was nothing. I saw so many  cars heading out and figured we missed it all. But decided to go up a ways and see if anything happened. At worst it would be a drive. A few lights popped out and we stopped. I figured i would take a few shots so it wasnt a wasted trip ( see the first few all green looking shots) Then the skies started to open.  The lights came faster and faster peaking over this one mountain peak. I set up watching it excited. My kids were snug in their carseats and my husband kept me company while i shot away. At one point i looked up and realized a coronal aurora was forming over my  head. I spun my camera on the tripod straight up and snapped away as it twisted and turned forming a flower and a spiral. They were so close i felt as though i could touch them. I lay on my back in the ice and snow, 6 degrees, in the mountains, not feeling the cold till they calmed. Always taking photos.  When the storm calmed we headed home. come to find out that it ebbed and flowed for hours after we left. But by the time it was calming and i left i was shivering uncontrollably and it took hours to warm up. Im still chilled lol.

Let me tell you though…. It was the most amazing shows ive ever seen. Suddenly you feel very small watching this epic show around you.

Just amazing.


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