The ” 8 hour diet” 1 month check in.

Now i wont say that i didnt cheat. Ohhhh lord i did.

But after a month. Ive lost 12 lbs. Thats right, 12 lbs. AND the amazing thing, i didnt loose any weight for two weeks, BUT i did, in the last two days get over my hump. The hump. The evil plateau of doom where you just sit, stagnant.

I realized a “trick” to this diet. Cheat days. Are. A. MUST. At least for me.

I found after 2-3 weeks, i wasnt getting hungry, like at all. I would realize it had been 18 or even 20 hours since i last ate and wasnt hungry. I was starting to feel sick after i did eat. and something fried. Oh heck no. I couldent even stand the taste of olive oil. I was a bit worried and decided that for a few days at least i was just going to eat. Actually i decided to quit. Why bother, i was stuck at the lost 10 lbs mark. I plateaued out and was getting irritable at the whole idea. I found myself only eating 600-800 calories a day and being stuffed and sick feeling. I was worried. That isnt a good  reaction to food.

So day one of my cheat days, i got up, i ate normally, had eggs and a banana. Ate ice cream after dinner. Did my normal 10 minutes of yoga and stretching ( oh yes, thats all i did ) And lo and behold. i lost half a lb. I also track my calories, i was up over 2k calories and lost weight?!?! Fluke right. So i ate free the next day. Lost a quarter lb. So i went back to tracking my calories but not as religiously. I went back to eating in my window. I stayed steady where i was. Then we bought ice cream again. And i had some. And i dropped yesterday, and dropped more today. Which offically puts me below my plateau.

Im still drinking soda, I try to stick with my soda stream but i do cave and get fountain pepsi’s sometimes.

I eat out occasionally. We eat out at arbys, i skip the bun but do eat some fries.

I enjoy my ice cream. I try to eat less then 2 cups at a time. Not making promises though.

I do still drink crystal lite. But less.

I eat 2-3 bananas a day.  One for breakfast, then more for snack later. I eat breakfast usually at 1 pm and have a couple scrambled eggs too.

Im not skimping. I was for a week or two and started having problems. When i started condensing the amount of time i had to eat down smaller, i started eating less food and feeling worse for it. Its a no no for me.

Bonus points. My pants are  getting loose. My rings are terribly loose, but i dont want to resize them till i can make sure its not going to just come back. I bought some new clothes online ( best way to shop in alaska!) and i dont know if they will fit me. BUT we will see. Good return policies are a must! AND my baby belly. You know, the effects of housing and birthing 4 children, yeah.That is shrinking. THAT is the only thing i care about really. Im ok with my weight, im ok with my pant size, i wasnt ok with my belly. And this is helping!

I should also note that i do take a ton of vitamins every day. Im not as hydrated as i should be but its ok. And i do drink the green tea. Caffeine helps in the AM. But i dont do it after 4 or i never sleep. Just like B vitamins never take em after 4. Sleeping is good!

😀 Anyway that is my 1 month diet update! Here is to the next 10 lbs! I hope to see at least half of that come off in the next month!


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