The ” 8 hour diet” expirement

My friend told me a bit about this diet she is following, The 8 hour diet. It sounded interesting. Eat what you normally do, but only for 8 hours a day. Then fast for the remaining 16 hours of the day.  It sounded pretty easy considering i normally eat within 12 hours a day lol. Ok so 8 isnt that far of a stretch right.

I googled it and found its called intermittent fasting. I read up a bunch about it on the internet. And eventually found another blog who wrote about it and her first week. She lost a couple of lbs. My friend said she lost 9. I figured what do i have to loose to try it. The diet idea is very specific, you eat what you normally do. Dont cut calories, eat normally in your 8 hours.  You can have all the black coffee, tea and calorie free drinks you want outside your 8 hours.

So week one.

Day one i ate out. I went to a restarant and seriously over ate. I enjoyed my soda, i had dessert. I tried tea.  I drank crystal lite overnight ( which has calories in it, i realized lol 30 calories for the bottle i drank)

I didnt loose any weight.

Day two, i ate out again, i had my soda, i made two meals as always. Didnt feel much like eating dinner but i did. I was hungry outside my window so i ended up eating late.

Didnt loose any weight.

Day three. Didnt eat out! Still had my soda, ate normally. I started finding myself not so hungry in my window. I would be hungry  before it, but once i drank my soda i wasnt hungry anymore. For most of the day. I had pudding that day.

I saw the scale drop a tiny bit.

Day three, Drank a REALLY big soda. ate normally. Still finding the same thing with meals. Not as hungry. Found a green tea that didnt taste crappy.  Im now drinking 1 cup of that in the am  to get a caffeine boost.

Saw the scale drop!

Day four through eight have been the same. I drink a normal sized fountain soda, yes alot of soda. I eat my two meals and a snack. Sometimes i have brownies or something late before my window closes. 1 Cup of tea in the morning and i work out. Not a big work out. Usually under 10 minutes.

I lost between 5 and 8 lbs. Depending on what you count as starting weight. It fluctuates about 3 lbs during the day and i weighed mself in the evening to start. But i figure i was closer to the smaller of the two numbers. So i started at 158-160 and ended up at 153 for the start of week one.

Not bad at all! I have at least 12 lbs to do. Im aiming at 130 to start. But wouldent mind seeing 120 again!

I should note that i also track my calories on spark people to make sure i eat enough. I also take vitamin suppliments. A daily multi-vitamin for woman, B-100, Immune system boost, and a calcium. I take those in the morning with my tea.

So in the books i read, they talk of several types of fasting. Mostly 24 hour fasts once or twice a week. And if you read about the helf benefits its really amazing. They reference how in the past, humans wouldent have been able to eat every 2-3 hours and would have survived off their fat stores for lack of a better term.  They also termed short fasts. and even some people did longer fasts ( up to 36 hours) Now me, i cant do that. I cant. I have to eat. I love food. I love good food. I cook all the time. I cook good, rich, calorie fat food. Tonight im making pot roast in beef gravy ( which is killer thick) roast potatoes and carrots. Yesterday i made triple chocolate brownies with fudge topping, and yes i ate one. I dont deprive myself of food. I cant. If i did, i would probably get depressed.  Some people said this is your body going into starvation mode, and i dont think so. Because i eat roughly 2 thousand calories per day. Sometimes more.  To starve yourself, you have to eat much less then that, if at all.

Anyway so the fasting i chose to do, was the short intermittent fasting. I eat for 8 hours a day. From noon to 8 or from 1 to 9 pm. I dont eat breakfast and never really have. Unless i sleep in till noon. THEN ill eat breakfast, after noon. 😉 We eat dinner between 6 and 7 30 every night. So this window makes it to where i can eat my dinner and have a dessert. Also seeing my kids go to bed before 9. This gives me that munchie time when they are in bed and I dont want to share.  I often go into this oh my gosh i need to eat NOW mentality around 11 pm. My body says eat eat eat. But im not hungry. I have no hunger pains at all. If i did, i would eat. I cant not eat when my stomach is growling. But the stomach growling has happened twice this entire week. Thats it. Twice.  When i get up, i have this almost like pressure in my stomach. Its not hunger pains. Its the pressure you get before hunger pains, but no hunger pains at all. I drink my tea and its gone. so i call those my thirst pains. Since cutting off my crystal lite tap at night, im not drinking much. I have a sip of water then i go back to sleep. ( I am not drinking waters best fan) Im no less thirsty, but the sip covers that, instead of guzzling artifical sweeteners ( of which again im not a fan) My cutbacks in drinking that however are leading me to borderline dehydration as im drinking 30 oz less of liquid a day. Im working to drinking more water, but its just so ick!  Ill get over it.

Anyway that is my first week. And alot of my thoughts on this. No i dont advocate starving yourself. But if you want to try it, i reccomend the books i read

NOT SPONSORED BY THIS BOOK! I bought these with my own money.

Intermittent fasting 

And Intermittent fasting for woman

However they also have a facebook group. 

And a webpage where you can pretty much get the same information that the books give. I reccomend starting online and getting the books if you dont have an idea of what to do. Again. 24 hour fasts? Not for me. So i do 8 hours of eating, and a 16 hour fast. I feel great, im not hungry, I was the first couple days which led to eating out of the window. but i feel good now. And the scale has gone down! My pants arent much looser, but its only 6 lbs, My rings however are looser, and my face looks slimmer! So here is to a great first week and lets see how next week goes too!


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