Single or Double Layer Flower

Flower Shown as a double.

This is the start of my go to flower pattern.

Small amounts of WW yarn, and a I hook. Using a larger or smaller hook will make your flower, larger or smaller 😀 Very simple. Gauge is not importaint.

Ch2, IN second chain from hook, HDC 10. Join to first HDC.

Ch3, skip one stitch. SC into next stitch. * Ch2, Skip a stitch, sc into next stitch* join to first chain.  5 Ch loops

Work into that first chain loop *. ch1 HDC 1, DC 5 Slip stitch into next loop. *

Join and weave in ties. Super simple.

To add a second layer.

Flip to back side of flower.

* Ch 3, Single crochet AROUND the Sc of the row below. * 5 more loops. there will be two SCs around the last post.

Slip stitch into first loop.

*Ch1, HDC, 6 DC hdc and slip stitch into next loop. * Continue around then join to first petal. You now have a double layered flower.


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