Just another cold Alaskan day

Some day i want to live where its warm. Make that really warm. Snow is ok and all, but im sick of it. 20+ years of living in the snow and ice? No thanks. Specially not when winter lasts for two months longer then down south and then it rains the majority of summer. UGH.

But enough about my icks.

Well maybe not.

It warmed up today

To negative 10.

Enough said.

Today is a crafting day. One of many in my life. I didnt get much sleep so im going to sit around and do nothing. If i can find something interesting to watch that is. Hard to say. What kind of shows are fun to watch when you have seen em all a hundred times haha.

Anyway today. Im making Minion hats. You would think i would be done. its Thursday and ive been working on the 4 of them all week. Truth be told, im not a super fast crocheter. But really, i just need to sew the eyes on, design in the mouth, add straps and hair. All while wrangling a 2 year old and 7 month old. Easy peasy right?

Is anything so easy.

I wonder if i can prop up my new photography book somehow and read it lol. The binding isnt broken, so it will just close. 😀 Ideas?

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