On our way!

My goodness. my 3 uhh 4 or uhhh 6 month long non stop work-a-thon is coming to a close!  I got slammed with orders a couple months ago and ive been working non stop since! Think being a mommy 24 hours a day, working at my shop orders for 8 hours, i would sit for 2-3 hours non stop trying to get through my list, only to wake up to more paid invoices. But the light is there! I have 5. COUNT THEM FIVE hats left! Sure my shop is still open and yes im VERY sad that i havent really been getting new orders, but i am happy that i have more time to catch up. which means, getting caught up on laundry! ( gosh we have alot)

And speaking of. I must have been featured somewhere because all of a sudden i have several HUNDRED viewers of this rarely updated blog a day. My goodness, when did i get interesting!?! ( Its the couple free patterns isnt it? Hehe)

But guess what. We are almost out the door. Friends know that on Thursday night/ Friday morning, i am LEAVING Alaska. Only for a month, dont get too excited. Im going to see my parents in Colorado. Its a HUGE change, considering i havent gone anywhere in 7 years. This will be the first plane ride for three of my boys, and the first one my oldest will remember. He flew twice when he was a baby. I cant WAIT to see all the fun and new things we get to do! And in some place that from all accounts is alot different from my own frozen home.

We are really excited to be going.

With this new year, the slowing of my shop, im hoping to restructure my blogging days. I maintain three blogs. My gosh right. On top of everything else. I have a private one hosted elsewhere, an amazing group blog at Naturallymamas  and this one ( as well as my shop webpage). I want to streamline my posting days so i can do one or two posts a week and knock everything out! Maybe get ” work days” so i have more time? Maybe that means giving up farmville ( unless im feeding the baby) Who knows. We will have to see.


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