How to put on a fringe

This is a nifty technique to know. How to put on fringe. I use this to attach the mane to my lions, the hair to my zebra and fringe to blankets! Its so simple i figured i would share!

Wrap your yarn loosely around your hand.

Slide scissors into bottom and cut fringe. Dont poke yourself… I do this… frequently.

Slip crochet hook under loop of a stitch, where you want to place your fringe. In the example, a zebra, its between the ears.


Pull the yarn through, BUT you only want a loop! Not the whole piece of yarn. You can see i attach my hairs 3 at a time.

Pull the ends through the loop and pull tightly, You have made a slip knot which holds the fringe on.

When all your fringe are attached, Trim over trash can to one length and viola, hair, mane, fringe! Whatever you want to call it!!



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