Best of intentions

I had a plan this year. I was going to start roughly 2 months before a holiday and make several hats. Example hats and a couple of the more common sizes ( newborn infant and child) So that i could stay on top of it. Halloween was the first big one i was going to test on. I figured i could wrap up Halloween hats mid october  and start right on Christmas hats.

Best of intentions.

Something happened. And it wasnt me having a baby in June. No. In July a boom happened. I went from a half dozen orders a month to a half dozen ( roughly ) a week! That first boom lasted 2 weeks. My wait time went from a couple days to a week, to two weeks. Then it slowed down. For a week. Then another boom. The orders flew in and my list got really long. In mid August i took my wait time from 2 weeks to 3. I couldent work fast enough. Mind you, caring for a newborn and caring for 3 older children. Ill admit the newborn is easy compared to a two year old. I figured it would slow down again. Only it didnt.

Here i am in mid October. I made a dozen or so pumpkins before i closed for Halloween. Never was able to make those ready to ship pumpkins. I have 3 weeks, if not 4 weeks worth of work in front of me. So i cant jump right into Christmas styles yet. I try to sneak in an extra ready to ship item here and there, but mostly i need to make a dent in this list. But i get to turn that around. Im going to visit my family in December in the states. Im going to be gone an entire month. In that month, i wont have orders, ill just have time. I can make some ready to ship items. And when i come back, maybe stay on top of that list!

Best of intentions haha.

I can always say, maybe next year will be different, maybe ill hae more time. And maybe i wont. If things continue like they have and i REALLY REALLY hope that they do, ill be busy. Very busy. And that is ok. That is great! I love being busy, i love helping to support my family and being home with my kids. I just laugh though. Game plans, do they ever work out? Ideas and intending to do things this one way. Do they work out? Not for me. But its ok. Maybe this way is better.

Now if only i could grow another pair of arms and get this work done quicker!



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