Keeping up is hard to do






This precious little guy takes up alot of time ( and arm space!)

He sure is a sweetie. Little Logan-Bear will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. 20 days. He has been in my life for 20 days. 20 days of nursing, diaper changes and snuggles.2o days of hearing his newborn cry and getting used to being a mother of 4. Is that something you ever get used to? Learning how to do things with three other kids underfoot. Learning how to do two things at once, even more so then before.

Im lucky though, my oldest is 7 and likes to help out. In a pinch he can watch the baby so i can take a shower, or change the 2 year old’s diaper. But mostly im trying to let my kids have a normal summer. Go outside when its nice and play, ride their bikes, enjoy! Chasey is a bit harder because he has to stay with me, but still, i want him to be able to be almost two.

We had alot of jealousy issues and its slowly getting better. Slowly, ever so slowly.  Soon life will be normal, i wont be so sleep deprived, my kids are going back to school in a bit over a month and life will go on. The newborn newness will fade, and for a mommy thats worth sheding a tear over. So for now, i look at the details. His little eyes are unfocused, his fingers are so tiny, his whole fist fits between two knuckles on one finger. His little round ears, button nose and perfect bowed lips like Chase’s. So not from my side of the family haha. He was born without eyelashes, and they are growing in now. Eyebrows too. His hair is still dark but im sure hes going to be another blond haired blue eyed boy like his brothers.


For now. My babies are small, but they are growing up fast. Some day ill blink, and they will be gone. So despite it being hard, being confusing and time consuming. My babies are small. So im going to enjoy it.


One thought on “Keeping up is hard to do

  1. Lina, stunning photos…all your boys are so handsome. Wish I could be up there with you to give you a hand every now and then. Zack graduated and all innocence is gone in Skyler. I grieve for thier vanished childhood. You try to hold on, hold on…don’t lose a moment, but life interrupts and the moment is gone. You like taking pictures…that is good! Take as many as you can. My sister is a mother of 4….life will level out as you predict. Much love to you!

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