I am not neglecting you!

Ok maybe i am. Strangely enough the days of this pregnancy are blending into one another. I hit 34 weeks and time is just moving right along. Every morning i get up, send my boy off to school, feed a few more of my boys, post a rate this nursery post in my mommy group and settle down to work on hats. Be they Orders or for poor nameless little Cheese it.
Sneak peek of his new hat! and yes its as soft as it looks. I picked some of the softest yarn i could find in awesome colors for it!

Any guesses as to what it is? Its something kinda new, kinda revamped lol. Its almost done, i got distracted last night and didnt finish him.

I put together this adorable set. 😀

My puppy got an upgrade? An accessory? A detachable tail lol. I may have to make two hats to match him. I was lucky enough, I was making a puppy hat in newborn for a customer and got the idea in the middle of the night for the cover and begged her to let me hold off shipping a day or two so i could make the cover to photograph together. She said no problem seeing she didnt need said items till August.  I was lucky! Now im also thinking how cute it would be in just a plain hat with straps and ear flaps in that combo. I really light the baby blue with teh tan and chocolate. I origionally made him in white, but i think i like the tan better. Plus white shows dirt easier and after all most of my hats are for kids. I know my kids toss them in the dirt ( Chase Sebastian!) all the time.

My visors are a hit! I wanted to make something good for summer for boys too! So many cute girly headbands and nothing for boys. So visors! Everyone loves them. Everywhere my kids wear them im handing out business cards like candy to kids. That makes me giddy. Black and white one 😀

Now this one. Im REALLY really proud of this one.  😀

Ive been wanting to make a ruffle butt diaper cover for some time and i finally got the chance to! It mas a matching zebra striped hat. Kinda matching. As the hat itself is stand alone. The bow. On a hair clip. There is also a purple bow that matches. Its to go with a black and white zebra print pettiskirt with pink ruffles and one with purple. The hat was made for the skirt and the ruffle butt to go under. Isnt it adorable!

And of course, Big pink button!

So see, im not neglectful im busy. Ive made several other puppy hats as well, those have become super popular. Im hoping to take some time out to dye some more yarn and make up some fun items with my own custom dyed wools. That and i totally need to stop putting girly colors in there or i cant use them well for my boys. Come on i have 4 boys lol. I should know that putting pink in there totally throws off the whole, use this for boys! thing. 😀

Anyway i need to get going, thanks for sitting through mylittle blubs about my new items, And i cant wait to show you a bunch of awesome stuff ive made and stashed away for after my little one comes. Yes you are going to have to wait some odd weeks for some of these new products to be seen. I want decent shots and sometimes the only way to GET that… is to have a baby and seeing I can take my own awesome shots, and i will we all just have to wait. Believe me, im bursting at the seams to get some of these out!

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