Busy day in projects

Yesterday was a busy project day. The sky was thick and gray, my kids were laid back and calm, and i made two toddler hats, two newborn hats and almost finished a third. Today is a beautiful sunny day and i dont anticipate getting much done in the hooking world. My kids are chomping at the bit to get outside!!

These awesome little pixi caps are a tested pattern from Unravel me. The 6-12 month size fit on almost 2 year old Chase. Is my boy a peanut or what! Ive linked the listing on Etsy if you want to try your hand at this awesome little pattern! It works up REALLY fast ( think under 3 hours for a slow crocheter like me who is constantly distracted with kids! ) Currently listed for sizes newborn -12 months.  So yeah Check it!

Then this is one of my new finished designs, a top knot beanie with reverse stitching around the edge. So far i only have it worked up for newborn/ 0-3 month size, but its oh so cute. There were SO many patterns for this in knit and NONE for crochet which made me so sad lol. So here it is. Working up a useable pattern next!

The rest of the hats havent been photographed yet hehe. Im waiting to get a few more finishing touches on them. I cant wait to share, i found some of the most fun yarn ive ever used, the only issue im running into with it is it dosent stripe fast enough for me in newborn. Any other size it would be perfect lol. BUT right now im working up everything example in newborn/ 0-3 month size and hopefully here in 10 weeks ill have a full time model in that size 😀


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