Random blog visiting

I was blog hopping and saw this one i wanted to show yall. Henrik Stigell is a enthusiast about rock climbing and extreme sports. His other blog is about his animals. I think extreme sports is awesome, considering here in AK we have helliskiing. Which is extreme skiing. Ive seen some of the videos that those people do when they compete in the sport, it just makes my stomach lurch to think of wow, how brave a person has to be in order to do some of the tricks off a sheer rock wall!  It would be really interesting to see if he makes it up here some day to try his hand at helliskiing! Not to mention rock climbing, ice climbing, paragliding. Those are huge up here in ak, and im such a weenie lol. Ill watch, photograph but wont try. So kudos to those who are brave enough to not have any kind of fear and try out those activities. Adreneline junkies! hehe. So not me. 😀 But hey, it’s really awesome to watch those things, either in person or online. If you have a few minutes, check out some videos on it. Henrick Stigell has posted a few. It’s definatly worth it to watch!


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