A while ago i found a fish moteiff on Ravelry. It looked so simple and i really wanted to try it out and make a baby blanket for Cheese It. I want to make one with each one of my kids and never manage to. Im good with small projects. Hats, sweaters, booties and the like. But a Blanket? Ha! That seems sooo far out of reach. But doing it in little fish seemed like a better idea! It takes me about 35 minutes to make a fish, which turn out to be 9 inches long! So i figure if i work on one to two a day, maybe ill have enough fish by the time the baby is born to sew him a blanket! Lol.

OOORR ill just take all the little fish i finished and sew em together and make a little stuffy 😀

Coming soon, more new projects!


2 thoughts on “Fishies

  1. First saw your work on facebook, then looked at your websites…you’re amazing! I just love how you come up with these neat things, and think it’s great you give your boys something nobody else has!
    And the fishie thing….absolutely awesome!!!
    As I don’t have any little ones, I will often check back when i need a gift!!!
    Thanks for being so creative and sharing with the rest of us!!!

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