Introducing my first two hand dyed.

I didnt realize what an addiction this would turn into. This whole being a master of my own creation from the start to finish, from the fiber bats to the spinning to the dying and creating. Its all so much and what fun! Ill be having a how to here soon of how ive dyed my own yarn.

Im currently spinning pre dyed fiber bats, but will be dying my own as soon as they get here ( and having full control over my creations)

So here are two of my one of a kind hand dyed yarns ( pre spun)

This was my first ever attempt and i love the color patterns! From a pale pink to brilliant fuchia, from dusty purple to a deep rich variant and every now and again a shade of almost grayish purple. Its just beautiful! The colors change rapidly ( because of how i wrapped my hanks) so im not expecting too much striping from this, BUT you never know how something is going to turn out once its worked up!

100 yards of this beautiful yarn, enough for most small projects i do!

This is my second dyed. This one ranges from a firey orange, to a brilliant red, hints of yellow, gold, and bronze play through ( thanks to a bit of green added to the pot) This one really makes me think of the astrology sign Leo ( my youngest son and I share the sign). It has all the colors that embody a leo and all the fire.

Two more coming soon! I have to ball them up still. You dont want to miss them! And just wait, more naked wool on the way.


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