Hand dying and Spinning

I admit it, i can get obsessive. It started with making the double pom hats, then regular beanies, brimmed beanies, animal hats. Assorted accessories and i ADORE it.
Then i found a new love… Wool. Oh my goodness. But OH SO EXPENSIVE for really pretty and quality wools. Have you ever felt Merino wool. Im in love, its like a cloud of heaven.
Then i tried something new. I bought a bat of fiber and spun my own yarn and then thought why not go farther, after all a small skein of hand dyed is 20 dollars sometimes more.. So i bought some undyed yarn and learned to dye my own. Its amazing. Ive created 4 skeins of hand dyed wool so far and i cant wait to use them, its beautiful and fun and so easy to do ( despite my colored fingers)
So instead of dying eggs this year, i think im gifting my sons with skeins of naked wool for Easter. Lets dye some yarn boys mama will make you something special!


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