Free Pattern Pacifier/Toy Leash

Ill admit it, I dont use pacifiers on any of my kids. I took a dont offer take and it worked. They never took or needed it. BUT i do like having little baby toys on hand. You can buy commercially made ones for a a few bucks but the velcro can be pulled right off. I saw a pattern for a guy like this on ravelry, but i didnt want it fancy. I just wanted simple and plain so i made one 😀


Tiny bit of worsted weight yarn ( im talking a few yards at most, great for scraps)

J hook

Large Button ( i use 1 inch)


These are super simple and work up in about 15 minutes. Perfect for a quick make!


Chain 21

R1 In second chain from hook. HDC across, Ch1

R2  HDC1 CH1( skip next stitch) HDC1 CH1 ( Skip next stitch), HDC1 CH1 ( skip next stitch) HDC across the rest of the row. Ch1

R3 HDC across.


With your contrasting color

SC around entire rectangle, placing 2 sc in each corner.

TO make leash.

DC3T. This will bring you to the center of the wrist band and create a sturdy base to attach your leash to. Chain 30. Insert hook in 20th chain from hook. In large loop place 25 ( ish ) SC. You may need more or less depending on how full and tight you want your tether to be. I found 25 SC was perfect for my desires.  SC down the rest of your chain ( last 10 chains) Slip stitch along back side of the DC3together to reach the origionol color. Leave a long tail ( i used about 6 inches). Weave in your long tail using all the yarn back and forth several times to create a very safe base. This will help to be sure that your tie will not pull out. Sew your button opposite your button holes.


The toy leash has 3 settings. This will fit your childs wrist and most toy bars to keep their toy or pacifier safe from falling on the ground. Couldent be easier!

To use, put your tether through your toy loop or pacifier ring, and slip the loop over the wrist band then buckle to you childs wrist, toy bar, carseat or other attachment. You are good to go!


As you can see, ive made several, each took about 15 minutes of me being distracted by a tv show and children. However if there are any problems please dont hesitate to email me or send me a note here, i will get back to you as soon as i can to help with whatever problem there is with my pattern.  Please for personal use only and if you could link my pattern if you post them around. Thanks so much!



4 thoughts on “Free Pattern Pacifier/Toy Leash

  1. I came across this page & my #5 grandson’s 1st birthday is this weekend; What a great idea for him! Will post a picture when I get it done.

    Thank you for posting it!
    (He is #5 out of 6! All Boys; I would love to have just 1 grandDaughter!)

  2. Omg I just had a newborn and this is absolutely amazing !! I crocheted him a frog outfit and so i did this in green and it came out perfectly … Thank you so much 🙂

  3. i like this pattern. most crochet pacifier holder patterns require a clip.. i like using buttons. They stay on better by being more sturdy stay and can hold on to things both skinny and fat 🙂

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