New hats!

I really do keep busy making hats. Here are some of my latest creations 🙂

Yeah those were todays activities. Im about to start another hat for Cheese It ( who is nameless lol) Ill post it when im done. 🙂


And some recent work

This order took me a week, I had to wait 3 days on green yarn lol.

lop ear-ed bunny hat

Start stitch corkscrew jester hat

Cheese its first batch of custom wool

more coming… im bad

Little peep chick chick hat

Sock monkey twins

Apple hats

Shell stitch flapper beanie, I think im going to add some embellishment to the ribbon

Ruffled diaper cover and butterfly embellished flappers beanie

Booties, I didnt like the end result. It was the yarn.


4 thoughts on “New hats!

    • Currently i do not, ive been working on perfecting them and figuring out how to write outside of my shorthand so that others can understand what im meaning. I do have a few free patterns you can check out if you like.

  1. I really love hte lop eared bunny hat. Do you have a pattern available for it? I would love to make this for my new grandbaby! Thanks!

    • Susan, While i have the patterns written down, i do not have them prepped for sale at this moment. I could Send you the prelimnary copies that i use for making and selling them for a discounted price seeing i do not have the finished products ready right now.
      Normally my patterns are $3.99 for hats, so i could do $1.99. Or if you would rather wait for me to finish the pattern ( with photos) It will be a few weeks as im waiting on the pictures.

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