Prayers for Emily

First off, i know how leery people are of donating to causes online but i want to share one that has recently come up in my life.
Im part of an online community of moms, we band together in groups based on how old our children are. So im in one for my upcoming June baby. One of the moms in our group has been hit with a huge tragety. Her unborn baby has been diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism, her son will not be able to survive outside the womb. If by some grace of God he does survive, the expected outcome is severe disability. While we all hold out hope for her and her precious baby boy, we are also trying to raise money for her. Enough to buy her a necklace in memory of her baby and flowers.
I know you dont know me from the next stranger on the street, so i dont expect a miracle here, im just hoping to help raise then $100 we need to buy this beautiful mama a necklace to hold on to, even if she cant hold her son. So if you have a moment, or a dollar you can spare. Its a good cause. If nothing else, spare a moment for a prayer for her.
Donate here. Blessings.
This is the necklace we would like to Buy for Emily.

I also want to add that im donating about 40% of my sales right now to Emily. Just keeping enough to cover shipping and supplies. So if you would like something for your donation that is one way.


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