ts amazing how unlucky people think they they are. What is luck. Having a massive house, house keeper, someone to nanny your kids. Piles of money so you dont think twice about spending it on clothes, toys or whatnot? What is being lucky in life.

Here is my stance. Being lucky isnt based on what you get in life, its what you get from life. What have i gotten, 4 kids, a husband, health, happiness, a home, life lessons, i have food to eat, clothes to wear, im warm, safe. Im not homless, i havent lost my kids, i have my and everyone around me’s health. Sure i dont have everything i want, but i have FAR more then i need. Im lucky.

We are all far more lucky then we think we are. Looking around at the people and the stresses people go through and i always wonder, how can you stress over that, do you not see how lucky you are in life. And i think it boils down to no, they cant see how lucky they are… They only see the issues that dont get them everything they want. When it comes down to want and need, people pick need and cry about the want. Rather then just feeling lucky and grateful that the need is taken care of.

Sure ill complain that i have to pay out almost 400 a month for heat and lights in my house ( in winter, less in summer ) but im damn grateful and lucky my husband makes enough money to cover such bills ( plus all the extras)

Maybe its because i HAVE been homless, with nothing to eat, and so poor i didnt know where to go from there. But i came up and sometimes i forget that place. That hunger and that fear. But it should be close to ones heart all the time. Close to ones mind. We are all VERY lucky for the things we have, and should be grateful for EVERY day we have, with our familes, our friends. Our lives . For all our complaining, we are all VERY lucky people! Dont forget it.


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