Free Crochet pattern – Woven Headwrap!

Woven headwrap

Worsted weightyarn
Size J/10-6mm hook
Large button- 1 inch or larger

Always repeat pattern between the * *’s
SC- Single Crochet
Ch Sp- Chain space
SC2T- single crochet two together

Beginning- Chain 11
R1- Sc into third chain from hook, Ch1, skip next ch, * Sc in next Ch, ch1 ( skip chain) sc* Across, Chain 2 Turn.

R2-R3 SC in first Chain Space, * Chain 1, sc into next ch sp* across, Ch2 Turn
R4  ( first increase row) SC into first CH sp, Ch1, Sc into same Ch sp, * Ch1 sc into next chain space* across to last ch sp. In last Ch Sp, sc in CH SP, ch1, sc in same Ch sp. Ch 2 Turn
R5 Repeate row 4
R6-R54 *Sc in ch sp, Ch1* across, Ch2 turn
R55-R57( this will begin the decrease row) Sc2T with first two chain spaces, * Sc in chain space, Ch1* across, Ch2 turn
The two ends of the band should now be the same size
R58-R70 *Sc in Ch Sp Ch1* across
Chain 5 and fasten to opposite corner from the tie with a slip stitch. SC 10 into looped space, Tie off. Weave in ends.
On opposite end of the wrap, sew your large button.
Wear and enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Free Crochet pattern – Woven Headwrap!

  1. As I sit here looking at your excellent headwrap a ball of yarn the same exact color sits between me and my monitor. I guess fate is telling me, “Crochet this pattern! Your crazy hair needs this headwrap!”

    Fate and my hair thank you.

  2. Hi, Lina. I have looked at lots of patterns and used many from off the internet. I found yours on Crochet Pattern Central. I liked the looks and practicality of it immediately. I live in Minnesota, so we have some weather in common. I have been crocheting one since I found the pattern. I really commend you on the simple beauty of it. I think it will next Christmas’ presents. With a slight alteration I can make it for our son-in-laws and son. I might even put together some for our 4 grandsons. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us! CM

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