Support a work at home mom

So i was watching a thread about work at home moms and their “jobs” Now every stay at home mom knows their job. We clean, we cook, we take care of our kids. Its a 24/7 job, one we recieve payment in kisses, hugs and more messes. Its a “thankless” job, which we do because well we want to be mothers. Or because we need to be mothers, or because its what fits our situation. Its our job.

But secondly alot of moms have a work at home mom job. I mean for me, i really LOVE working with yarn and crocheting.i didnt look to start a store. It fell on me. A few people saw some of my creations and asked for them. Then more people asked and finally i made a store page. Ive always tried to be fair with pricing. I look at how much people are charging for the same or similer hats. I watch several stores on my facebook page, i watch etsy ect. I watch other work at home moms and i price at the same price point.

People have commented that they can buy a hat cheaper in the store. Sure you can. Its not hand made, its mass created. And you know what. That is fine. I realize while i try to be as inexpensive as i can. I cant compete with walmart prices. It wouldent even cover the yarn if i bought it all on sale! Also, mine are personalized, no two are the same, even if i make the same pattern twice, they arent the same. Not to mention i fit them to the head size. Ive gotten much better about that in the past few months.

Thing is, when you support a work at home mom, you support someone who is supporting their family. You support someone who is putting their time energy and love into their creations. So whenever possible, i being a work at home mom, support other work at home moms. Right now, a friend of mine is starting up a sewing buisness. She made me some of the most amazing wipes. I swear they are totally awesome. They were her practice project. Next up she is making camera strap covers and replacements. so look for a solid review as well as tons of photos of the straps. She is going to start pricing low and come up, like most work at home moms, we want what is fair to our time and energy but we also want to things to be affordable. I know a camera strap cover isnt like OMG you NEED this, BUT i tell you, my plain black canon strap. BLAH and im not a blah person, im really not. I love the idea of something that represents me. Shes also going to be making blankets and other assorted fun stuff. But for now, the straps are being finished up and put in the mail.

I guess my whole point of the ramble today is, when you see something that is hand made, but more expensive, dont turn away right away. think about the time energy effort and love that that person put into it as they made that creation by hand. Sure its more epensive then walmart. But i know that when i buy that made by mom creation, that im helping her out. For many, its not a hobby it really is a job. There were MANY times when Tony being out of work and having no income nearly put us under. And me having that small amount of income, even if it was 1-200 dollars a month, made it so we could get gas, or pay off a bill just enough to scrape by. Sure its not alot. Ill never ” make alot” and thats ok. I love what im doing. I have fun. And as long as its still fun. ill keep going. Even if my sales dwindle down to just making things for me. Ill still enjoy what im doing.

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