Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone. I spent New Years eve with my husband and our youngest son. Our older boys were my family at a gathering, but we opted to stay home. We watched some funny movies and I of course created wonderful tiny little crochet hats for our July Firecracker baby! Three hats later and i went to bed hehe.

I wanted to share with you three other hats i created this last week for the firecracker baby! Orders have been slow ( tis the season) and as im starting to come up out of the feeling sick all the time phase of pregnancy. I wanted to create some fun new hats for Firecracker that are different from Older Brother Chase’s hats.  While i am trying to stick to gender neutral ( we dont find out about Firecracker for 5 more weeks minimum) To me, the hats tend to be more boyish.

This is my peapod hat, i have a second and third idea for this hat, so look for it to come up again!

This is my mushroom hat ( like Toad off mario) Im also making matching pants/shorts for baby, but am out of red yarn so am at a standstill. This guy has three little white spots around its top.

And this is my froggy. Ive been debating at adding a mouth to it, and im pretty much set on a mouth and tounge popping out. 🙂

Stay tuned, I have three MORE hats i made last night but havent gotten pictures of yet. Its dark and i wont take pictures at night hehe. So those ones will come soon!


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