The face behind the blog

Sometimes its hard to take pictures of yourself and post them. Im always afraid of what i look like, but sometimes its inevitable.  Like when i want to show off a cute new hat and no one wants to wear it for me! So here I am, the face behind the hats and blog! 🙂 Showing off my new Foxy hat.

This one is for Conner, and is a wee bit too small for me, so i pushed it forward but i made it work!

This hat is adorable. Made of burnt orange, and ears tipped with black and filled with fuzzy fur. It has earflaps ( like most of my childrens hats ) and has white around the face, just like a fox!

The Foxy hat can be ordered at Over The Moon, Starting at $15 for newborns, $18 for infants $20 for children and $22 for adults!


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