Capitan Bear Ears

I am always striving for something cuter for boys. Its easy with girls, bright colors, big bold patterns, but you dont see them so much for boys. And i have all boys. So i like cute things, i love color and im a total girl. But somehow i think people would object to me putting my boys in dresses. So i make do. Ok no, i make better!
My bear ear designs started a bit on the simple side. A solid color and an accent. Which made for a bit different of a hat. One that not everyone saw.

And it IS sweet. and cute. But i want MOREEEE, Im greedy like that. Plus he has almost outgrown his bear ears.

It evolved a bit, coming in pink and brown with flowers.

So meet the next evolution of the bear eared cap.

Earflaps and fuzzy make it just a bit MORE fun.

Now i know these arent the best photos of his new bear eared cap, i just wanted to show it off. More fun will come. Im always busy with something yarny.

3 thoughts on “Capitan Bear Ears

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