Today we had church. I woke up several hours beforehand and made a huge breakfast of pancakes with fresh blueberries inside them. Tony and Brennan dug in! ( and eggs but hey the pancakes take center stage right?)

We went to church which was quite nice today. The kids behaved well. Perhaps because Tony sat next to Brennan he did so much better. 🙂

There was a speaker talking about food storage and debt. How it is so imporatint to have a food storage. I grew up calling it a pantry. But i grew up in a home that was huge on having lots of food on hand. YOu should see my moms garage. Half of the garage, length wise, are covered in shelves, its just stocked full of food. It might not last a year like the church tells, but it would last a great deal of time. Its stock food mostly, the fixings to make meals as well as canned goods. Lots of canned goods. But in any event, growing up with that makes it hard for me now not to have that much food on hand. I do have a small stockpile of things, but not much like what my mother has. Nor the space to put everything in.

With what we have now, i would say a month about worth of food for our family of 4. Might not always be foods we want to eat, but ti would be healthy and good. Im going to work on getting more saved up. I need to stockpile my baking staples to be sure lol.

Getting out of debt was another point touched on. And that is to huge for us because we do have an amount of debt nearing the $10.000 mark. Most of it is fees and taxes, go figure, its all because we tried to move to Missouri 3 years ago. We have been trying ever since to get it worked on. Not always sucessfully. But we do need to get working on that debt. Its not something i enjoy having hanging over our heads.

One thing that stood out to me was living within your means. I understand that well. Live with what you have, rather then overreach, over spend, or want for more. i want… alot. Its very easy to get jealous of other people who have worked hard to have things in their lives that i would love to have… But i have to work for them. Tony has to work twords them. We dont expect things to fall into our laps but we often want them too. We try very hard to live within our means, sometimes we do well, other times we dont. We try to follow our budgit, but often stray. Its importaint that we start following what we have and not what we want. There are more importaint things that that new cool gagit that is a “must have” after all, 20 years ago, did people even imagine that “must have”?

Our lesson ( tony hates that word) with the Missionaries tonight was about the Word of Wisdom. How certin things ( tobacco for Tony, Caffine for me) are against the word of wisdom. Such things are bad for the body ( which we allready knew).


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