sick peanuts

Well my boys are ill. Brennan came home from school last week sniffling, by the weekend he was ill, by wensday he was better. Wensday Chase and Conner started coughing. Conner kicked it quickly too, Chase poor peanut is still ikky sicky, I took him to the ER ( only thing open on sundays boo ) today because he had been wheezing a bit. Thankfully the dr confirmed the crud is not in his lungs, is O2 stats are high 90s.  SO he is doing ok, its just crummy for him. Poor bubbers.

Anyway just normal things, putting a crimp in my knitting style lol. Cant get as much done when i have a peanut who needs to be held.

But he now weighs 15 lbs 9 ozs and is 25.5 inches long. My wee peanut 😀

Anyway i gotta go. New kntting project photos soon 😀


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