First Day of School

Its one of those defining mom/ child moments, Your baby goes to their first day of school. All dressed up in some of their fav clothes. Ready to go. I think its the moms that are more teary eyed then the child. I have no fear that he wont like school, or that he wont get along with other children. I know hes going to do great.

Its just thinking back to the little baby he was, and how big and smart hes getting. Watching him grow, even if he is a grumpy boy most of the time. Hes still learning and growing. Figuring things out.

And now hes off to school.

Today dad dropped him off, and this afternoon he will ride the big boy bus home. At 3 45, i gotta be at the end of the road, brothers in tow, to collect Brennan from the bus. And hopefully he will have lots of stories about school, his wonderful teacher ( who i met last week, great lady, her husband was my sisters 3rd grade teacher hehe) and hopefully make some friends!

Have a wonderful first day Brennan!



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