My parents left for a 10 day “vaccation” today. They are going to my stepfathers home town to pack up the ancestrial home. Or home stead? hehe. But in any event it throws a huge wrench in my giving birth plans. Which require my parents nearby to watch Brennan and Conner. As there is NO ONE else i can trust to watch my kids.
But seeing ive gone 9-11 days overdue with both my other boys, i figure this one will go overdue as well. Only problem with that, is then my husband will be out of town for work. What a stressful complication this all is. Everything wants to happen right around my due date!
I guess im just going to have to deal with the idea that im not going to have my husband there when i give birth. If i go into labor now while my mom is gone, he has to watch the kids. If i go into labor when shes back, he will be gone for work.
sounds like fun huh….
Ahhh the stress. which will keep me from going into labor.
i am so ready to have this baby.


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