Oh Grrr

After several hours and a dr visit. We determined i wasnt really in labor. My contractions were too random, which i figured. Im dissapointed yes, but it gives me a bit of time to get my ducks in a row. Kinda a wake up call. Hello Lina, you are going to have a baby pretty soon, get things together!
So i did lots of laundry today, got the kids room cleaned, and am getting baby things put away, i still had a few strewn about. All thats left is buying some disposable diapers ( i generally use cloth, but like sposies for the first few days) and getting him a new carseat.
When i spoke to my doctor yesterday, he told me to make sure i was ready for the hospital…which i wasnt, so i hastily tossed some clothes in my smallest luggage bag, grabbed my spare deodarant and toothbrush and an outfit for the baby. Made sure all my camera gear was in the bag, then left it all on the couch hehe. So now that im thinking clearly. I need to properly get that ready hehe. Seeing i could always fit into 2 different pair of jeans this pregnancy, put one of those in there, and get an actual outfit or two together for baby. Make sure i actually have socks in there, because i dont think i grabbed any yesterday hehe.

Oh and in other interesting news, I was showing off my hand knit bootie and hat sets ive been making for my baby to some ladies in my August 09 group. And Three different ladies have commissioned hand knit hat and bootie sets. Its pretty neat, it dosent take me much time to make them and if i can get paid for something i enjoy doing, then thats cool too. 😀 So now i have 2 more hat and bootie sets to make, But i need pink yarn. And white as conner just chopped up my white yarn, at least 5 different places in the white yarn he cut strands… ugh. Its still useable, but i need more. I have 10 dollers, i sure hope its enough to get 3 skeins of yarn, this stuff can get expensive, and Tony went to work, without giving me money. :/
Who knows, he might be home before i go to the store. Or i can grab out of my quarter stash too. I dont spend my quarters, and 2 years worth is a huge pile in my room hehe.
I dont know. Im excited though. You dont think $15 dollers is too much for a hat and bootie set do you? Thats not much more then the cost of yarn and shipping.
Anyway, i need to get back to cleaning, i got the music going and later ive got Coraline for the boys to watch, i hear its good.
Ok im out. Have a wonderful day!


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