Growing Green Things

Ive been working on growing some green things this year!

Ok, i have tomatoes in my back yard. I have 3 in normal pots, inside a milky plastic tent to see if that helps them grow bigger. VS one in a Topsy Turvy .

I have to say, the one in the topsy turby is curling, but the stem is so THICK, like the size of my thumb! The ones in the pots are quite large and thick stemmed too. AND we have flowers! Which is good news! they are going to make maters here soon! Our growing season is alot shorter then the states, we cant plant outside untill late may. So hitting july and them being a couple feet tall with flowers is great. Ive been taking care of the plants of the lady across the street ( shes on vaccation) and her tomatoes get FULL sun, from about noon untill the sun sets! And hers arent any bigger, but they do have more blooms. But all in all, im happy with mine! I dont like tomatoes, but Tony does, and i just really enjoy growing things. 🙂 Organics are good.





I also have lots of flowers out front. A pot of petunias, a pot of lobilia, 2 pots of violas, 2 pots of wildflowers, 2 pots of pickable kid flowers ( like bachlor buttons, asters ect) , and 2 pots of chives.

My pretty flowers.

The lobilia. This pot was made about 40 years ago by the old man who used to own my moms house. For years before he sold it to her, she took care of him. Took him to all his dr appointments, to the stores, did his landscaping…. 😀


Tony bought this for me after Mothers Day. I picked it out. But he paid for it.


Haphazardly tossed out front because i fertalized them last night.

my 2 pots of violas, the third wooden pot ( again, made by the old man) has cosmos and a viola in it.


My wildflowers.


My chives, and the farthest pot has asters and bachlor buttons in it.


Most of my flowers havent bloomed yet. They started from seeds, so they are growing in later. Next year im going to plant them earlier and keep them in the garage or in the window upstairs so that they can grow earlier and maybe get bigger.  But not too shabby for my first year gardening. Im hoping to stay in this condo another year. We always move in a year, but i like this place, despite it being close to the road. I like it here.

We are building a swing set out back for the boys later this week or weekend too. Really feels like home here. The only downside, ( other then a busy road next to me) is that we have our roomates couch in the livingroom, which annoys the crap out of me. Our living room is kinda narrow with two couches.

Anyway, i need toget over to my moms and take photos of her garens, flowers and organics. Its insane over there and looks amazing!

Anyway theres my growing green update. Next year i think im going to plant strawberries in a topsy turvy. Ive seen it done for years. But i would love to hang some up out back for the kids!



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