Its raining today. We have needed it ill admit after having 4 or 5 weeks of beautiful weather. We needed the rain. We have terrible fires every summer. Yes even in Alaska. And we already had a really bad one which called almost all the firetrucks out of my town to go some 400 miles away!Its kind of a downer that its raining, no walk for me and the boys. Well maybe we do have rain coats. But Brennan is excited. When he got out of school we made a deal. We turned off the cable tv, and told him his games could only be played if it was raining too hard to go outside. And sure enough, he wanted to play his game. So he gets his hour before lunch and an hour in the afternoon before daddy comes home.  * excluding if i plug in a WII game like bowling and teach him how to play, or maybe mini golf, he would love mini golf, * And no, i dont count wii sports games as video game time. Because they are active rather then bum sitting brain numbing button mashing. lol.

I guess for my rainy day project im going to get on some laundry, i have about 5 loads to wash lol. And i have a kit i need to work with before tomarrow. WHICH REMINDS ME! Check out my scrapping blog, lots of new stuff and about 20 new posts all schedualed out for the next weeks. http://www.Serenityscrapping.blogspot.com I have a new post about a beautiful kit for sale and freebies all over the place.

Well i better get going, i need to get dressed soon. 🙂 And wake up Conner, its almost noon and the lazy boy is still asleep!

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