I want to cry

My most complete scrapbook gallery, which was at stuff to scrap. Is all gone. Every file i had on there has been deleted. I pmed an admin for some answers. But i just want to cry. All the time i spent uploading, tagging, crediting…. its all just gone… No answers or reasons why.
They updated the gallery, but said they were changing some keywords. Not deleting everything…
I dont even want to begin to start re uploading those files. In the ONE file on the computer, i have almost 200 different layouts. The real problem being, while the full sized ones are tagged in their names with the kit name and kit creater. When i resize them for the internet, i change all the file names to SM. For small. So i would have to upload then search a much LARGER database of Layouts for the proper credits…
Why did they have to do this to the pregnant woman.
I really really really hope that they can restore my gallery or something… 😦 Because right now, im really feeling…. i cant even go into words….


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