Welcome to Motherhood

Welcome to waking up at 7 am, no matter if you want to or not.
My kids are trained to sleep 12 hours a night… Dosent help if they pass out at 7 pm, by 7 in the morning they are up. Wanting breakfast and thus starts my day.
Welcome to the never ending laundry pile. In geiving the kids their oatmeal i make myself at least one extra load of laundry for the day. Sure enough today it was a comforter and 2 towels. On top of the clothes tehy wore just yesterday that were sitting in the bathroom. There is enough for a load. Before i get to the pile sitting down there, because the comforter is Brennans blanket and he needs it for night.
So they need a bath, have you seen oatmeal? its messy. Into the tub the boys go. And with that comes the next stage in cleaning. My bathroom floor is now soaked. Might as well mop it seeing bathwater is everywhere. And oh look, the toilet should be washed out too.
Oh but then i must get the boys dressed. Tell that to the nudist colony running through my house. Cue screaming fit and fight to the death to wrestle shorts and a teeshirt on the toddler. The boy has yet to take himself out of the tub. Of wait, the boy comes running, dripping wet. He dosent think to grab a towel from the rack in the bathroom. Time to return to the bathroom and wipe up the floor.
Children are dressed and now what? Its a beautiful day. I should take them outside before they destory my house.
Oh yeah, Ive been up for an hour.
Welcome to motherhood!


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