Moody Monday layouts and Freebies!

Somehow this got out of line in my posts. I schedual posts out quite often and this one got lost.

So here it is. Moody Monday by TSSA!




I even made 2 quick pages to go with theis great kit!

Click on the images to download!



Its just a great kit with fun colors and great little wordart buttons. Check out Jodis blog for more information. Or click the preview to buy this great kit!

On sale RIGHT NOW for only $1!! Cant beat that May discount!! Check it out!


2 thoughts on “Moody Monday layouts and Freebies!

  1. Lina, i love the one with the puppy…i love how the color of his hair and sweatshirt seem tomatch the color of the layout so well…a beatiful photo (all of them). There is a lot to be said for those unsmiling pictures and they should not be wasted…..:o) Thank you!!

  2. I love it when the boys are expressive. A smile isnt the only way to express and i love crying photos, pouting photos, messy faces, mud faces. Just different bits of who they are. 😀

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