National Scrapbook Day

Its national Scrapbook Day. Or weekend as you might have it. im having fun doing challenges all over the place! Literally!

Here are a couple of LOs ive made doing various challenges. I need a break from scrapping for a few hours, going to go outside! 😀

My Grams Daisies
Rebecca’s Scrapping Silliness & Rebecca_PSP Designs

Summer Days Collab by
– Digi-Designs by Nicole
– Gettin’Scrappy with Britt

Frimas d’hiver – 2008

Kit Alexis
© HŽlne8021

I have to say that having so many challenges really makes me use up all those kits i collect because i like them. Im the kind who uses them once, and then generally files them away unless i REALLY love them. But even so, i end up with 50 kits i havent used yet. Plus im out of photos! All my recent photos are now scrapped. Im starting to look back over last summer to find more photos lol.

In any event, im really dragging right now, i got up really early and ive been scraping for a few hours now. So im just beat. I need to get outside and get some sun while its nice!

Have a great day!

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