How goes it?

So how goes your tv free week?
This week ive gotten alot of the dreaded cleaning under control. No fun stuff for me. But ive managed. We had two rainy days which i didnt take the boys outside. Spent alot of time scrapping, and the kids ended up going to see their grandparents, where im sure the tv is on.
And i cheated.
I watched Grays Anatomy today. God it was a good episode too!
But im on the streight and narrow. Its friday night, im kid free… and im doing nothing. Im loking around fora craft project, or a book i havent read a hundred times. I think im going to settle for cleaning up my garage, or my kids room. I can always take apart the crib and make a bed for Conner out of the mattress… Hmmmmm. Not sure yet. Ill keep looking.


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