Tv Turn off Day one

Tv Turn Off Week, Day 1!!

Well i failed bright and early this morning.

I got up and automaticly turned on the background noise. Brennan got up with me and watched about an hour of cartoons before i remembered.  But to the protests, off went the tv. Instead i got the boys dressed and took them outside. It was about 55 degrees in the sun which is super warm for us right now. We stayed in the front yard for a while, kids just enjoying being in the sun. Then we decided to go pick up sammichs for lunch and hit up a park for a couple of hours.

On leaving the park, we swung by my moms house and grabbed the boys bikes. Out of the winter storage.  We brought them back and watched the boys ride bikes for quite some time. Then we moved into the garage and started cleaning it out. Gosh we have a mess in there. A huge mess. So we are gonna try to get that cleaned up. Got our second washer hooked up lol. WOOO.  DH took the trash that we cleaned out and went to his moms to load up the stuff from their spring cleaning. Dump run in the making! Yeah that much.

So day one, we did well!

Click the link if you need more information about TV Turn off Week!


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