Soft And Sweet Kit by FlowerScraps + a QP Freebie for you!

Flowerscraps has come up with a very pretty kit for baby girls called Soft and Sweet. Its very pretty with pale pinks, greens, browns and hints of peach and yellow.  I get so frustrated because its SOOO much for little girls and i dont have one. 😦 See my big pouty lip going out here. ( you hear that my little uterus friend, you best be a girl! so i can come back and reuse all thease great girl kits i have!!!)

But no, i had to go DIGGING for Abby photos in order to make some LOs for this kit lol. I havent seen Abby since November when i moved, which is sad because she was my fav little photo subject.  And shes over a year now. 😦 So here are some photos of her about 6 months old for LOs. And i better find some baby girls to use in the more girly kits.

I did try to make a more boyish looking one… But it just didnt work for me lol. So i stuck with Abby. 😀



Shes a cutie to be sure. Biggest blue eyes ive ever seen. 😀

Well here is your Qp. 😀 Hope you enjoy!



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