I know.

Yes, i am aware that my layouts are being cut off on the side. This is due to this new blog layout being a bit more narrow then my older one.

Im trying to find a layout that is wider while allowing for a different color besides blue, black, gray or white. So far this one, which allows me to make my own header and is green is the best ive found. However yes, it is quite a bit more narrow.

Which frustrates me.

You cannot create a custom layout on wordpress ( like you can on blogger) unless you own your blog. Im not quite rich enough for that. I do however love my wordpress blog much more then i did my blogger blog.  ( which is alive, but i dont use it lol)

Oh well, i have to decide if a custom layout ( blogger) beats the control i have over my blog, including my fav feture, counters and marking which entries are most popular ect. So im sticking here.

Anyway, i do know that its being cut off, thank you muchly for letting me know. 😀 Im continuing to search fora slightly wider layout, with some color in it. 😀


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